Thursday, May 4, 2017

Meet Tim Sawyer author

I am Tim Sawyer. Thank you for checking out my site. I grew up in Maine. I lived in 20 years in New England, 20 years in Pennsylvania and more than 20 years in the southern United States. I have been married to Julie for 40 years.

My first published works appeared in "The Secret Place." This Baptist devotional booklet had a reading for each calendar day. They published two of my articles.

The Dayton Herald in Tennessee hired me as a sports writer in 1977 and quickly promoted me to sports editor once I proved I could do the work. My friend Tom Purser worked for that same weekly newspaper about a decade before I moved to Dayton. Purser served in the military when I wrote on sports.

I began to write on chess in the 1980s. I found Bob Long of Thinkers' Press by 1991. He published my first two paperback books.

Sid Pickard for Pickard & Son, Publishers did my next two paperback books. I also did several electronic book projects with Sid Pickard in the early 2000s which he sold on ChessCentral.

I returned to writing in 2015 when I discovered that I could self-publish books via Amazon. I did Kindle eBooks at first. Then I added paperbacks of several books through Createspace.

Author Updates
Tim Sawyer Author Updates email covers updates on my books (not chess).

Chess Training Repertoire email sent at 11:45 AM Eastern time Thursday.

Playing Chess Openings is my chess blog.

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