Saturday, May 27, 2017

Peter: A model for following Jesus

Peter is a Bible study discussion guide on the life of Peter. Discover how to follow the Lord Jesus as Peter did. Jesus sees us fully, our failures, our flaws, and by faith our fabulous futures! This New Testament guide helps you figure that out. The author designed this book as small group Bible discussion guide. 51 scenes cover the life of Peter. The author describes each scene. Scripture references are included to allow you to look up the details more fully. 200 questions help you deepen your faith. These conversation starters help you discuss, ponder, or share your thoughts.

Read the book. Show up and participate. Have fun and learn. No homework is needed. Consider each scene, ask the questions and let friends share. You can follow Jesus and grow closer to him and each other at the same time. Open your mind to what God is saying. Let the Bible impact you. The advantage of doing an individual Bible study is that you can deal with private issues. The advantage of doing a group Bible study is that you progress more quickly in your walk of faith. Group discussions help you grow. They bring out new ideas that you may not think of by yourself. Watch Peter follow Jesus. Pick up pointers for your own life. Try this book!

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